Monday, December 26, 2011

I feel lonely...again

Perasaan yang tak seronok.
Setiap kali balik dari KL mesti rasa cam ni.
Macam perasaan balik ke asrama. Lonely and home sick.
I am alone here. No mom. No sisters...They are far away. Tak tahu bila bole jumpa lagi.
Oh, I wish we all can live nearby...that's impossible.
I am gonna be okay. Tomorrow...

Banyak agenda esok...daftar Adam, buy groceries, buka kedai, ambil poslaju, loundry...
Next week is next year.
Will send Adam to his new kindy.
Will miss his daily teaching day.
Next year he is 5, then 6, then to real school. Wow that's fast. I still remember the day he was born. His birthmark, his curly hair...his dark skin,...he changed from looking like a mamak boy to a cute and fair skin boy, now that's my son. A pretty boy just like mommy. I am gonna miss my baby. He is growing up so fast. I couldn't catch up with him.

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