Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well done my boy!

Tetiba Adam buleh sebut 'a BIG cat' , 'a BIG something'. Terkezut i.
This happened yesterday. I was feeling annoyed at him at that time coz he hit Adelina and I was concentrating with Adelina's pain and cry and tantrum...but suddenly he said it. Wow! What an attention seeker. Tapi i tak amik pot...lepas tu baru sedar, eh?

Wah seronoknya! Keep up the practice of prepositions.

Semalam tengah surf image cari pattern manik. Tetiba terjumpa blog ni. LOTs of coloring pages. FREE!!! Adam tak berminat color dah. For adik la.

Then kalau nak idea buat kraf mudah dengan anak-anak, rujuk web ni, berlambak:

Wokey, i have lots of clothes waiting to be folded. I hate this chores. HATE! However, every chores is important and treat them with respect. Adios.

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