Friday, March 9, 2012

Speech Therapy Session 9

The session was on 18th Feb 2012...
Since tomorrow is the next session, I have to update it is kind of a report. I will forget it if I didn't jot it down. The session is not cheap, so have to ... what we call it....embrace it? I don't know...VALUE every sessions.

I was sleepy during the session but I tried my best to remember the details.

Ok, last session...Session 9. 

Miss K gave him a cut n paste usual, will reward with play time. This time, Ms K asked, 'nak main kereta tak'. Adam replied...'nak main kereta...' Ms K was startled.. Adam never repeat her sentences before.
It has been a month since we visited her, so Adam made quite a progress at home. Me too, always encourage him to repeat what I was saying and ask his opinion. Not a YES or NO question okay...
I didn't realize that he was making progress because I am with him all the time. Maybe Ms K just seeing him like once a month...of course she was 'terkejut badak'!!!

She gave a pictures, Adam has to color it. 
1. A dog is wiggling it's tail. Why it is wiggling it's tail?....because the dog wants to eat.
2. The dog is barking. Why it is barking? ....because there a man at the door.
3. The dog is running. Why the dog is running?...Oh, he catching a ball.

Ms K said, sorry coz have to give dog pictures...because it is international copy for therapy...I said ok, I don't mind. I am an animal lover. I have pet shop what...I love dogs too.

Then, pictures of reading...people reading.
He has to identify what they are reading.
1. A girl reading a book.
2. A boy reading a magazine.
3. Teddy bear is reading a letter.
4. Little boy is reading a story book.
5. A clown is reading a newspaper.
6. A couple is reading a menu.

Then a cut and paste for identifying cause and effect:
1. A boy is walking with a school bag....match it with ...a school bus.
2. A  boy is running...match it with...a running dog. The dog is chasing him.
3. A boy is looking up...match it with...a bird nest on a tree.

Well, Adam had no problem matching them...just saying what happened is the roadblock.

Ms K said, try to ask him more complex cause and effect like the pictures. (I will snap the pic later, waiting for my tablet to be fixed).
So, while doing anything...just explain to him why...ask him what happened? He tended to say words I don't know like 'gejebe'. I ask what is 'gajebe"?
Last time, he always said 'kokoello....'...well it is a phrase from Dibo the give dragon.

I know he is improving but to what level? I have no idea. He is going to a real school in 2 years...
I am going to ask Ms K long till Adam can be discharged from this session?
Is he improving?
He still making out his own words whenever pointed at things that he doesn't cengkerik...he said 'PIN". I asked what is 'PIN'?. This is 'Cengkerik"...
I won't give up...I will do my duty the best I can. CHOW-

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