Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to crochet..

Actually...i overwhelmed myself with new patterns...surfing crocheters blogs and realizing there are lots of stuff can be done with a simple granny i m crazy to make granny squares!

I have completed my tasks at the shop and everything looks great. Today, had a success meeting with new supplier. Tomorrow, will buy some stocks at nearby supplier. I haven't finish calculate the invoices yet but will do it slowly...there's a lot. I also decided to hire someone by June 2013 to help me out...Alhamdulillah budget looks good.

Last night couldn't help making my princess a hat. It should be ready by tomorrow & will snap the outcome.

Then, will crochet my friends new coming baby bootie/mitten/beanie.

Then, will make Adam's owl hat.

Then, wanna make Adel's top.

Then, make heart buntings for Adel's birthday prep.

Then, will make 50 baby booties.

Then will make cushion cover using granny squares.

Then, planning to make ipad & my tablet's cover by using granny squares.

That's all...will update the progress.

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