Thursday, January 3, 2013

i am blue...

i m blue da di di da da da...
i m feelin blue today.
my oversea customer complaint...about her order---> not received yet.
ok, i called the operator asking, then the operator gave me wrong info that the item already delivered but nobody home. Then i informed my customer, my customer asked me back that no note given and they were at home at that time.
Then i called back the operator, different people answered. It turned out the parcel still in processing... can you imagine how would my customer this now that. They don't care about those Xcuses they just want their parcel. They won't get angry with the post people they will turn to the seller. Darn....luckily with all my explanations the customer settled down and shall wait...
Actually,  the delivery is not been delayed and it's still in time frame. Christmas and New Year holidays and weekends, the postmen are not working on that feel like you've been waiting for 2 weeks already because you counted all the holidays's not working like that dear. I told you already it's working days!
Another customer: order quite a lot. Then the shipping fee wasn't the same with the exact because when you order bulk of course the shipping estimator 'lari'  a bit..I just should let it go instead asking the customer to top up...what have i done! I feel so regretful. Luckily nobody is upset with me because i am the boss. If my staff did this, i would be furious because the customer already buy a lot...just let it go already...sigh.
This is a lesson for me----->think things through!
And a friend of mine, just started a biz...gud luck to you but please don't mess with my wall with your free advertisement!
I also have a bundle of unsold kids clothes....just the same like hers. I donno what to do with it. Thinking to donate it to the poor.
Since i am a nice person and she's my friend, i just will remove her free advertisement from my kids photo. Yes i am a nice person :)

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