Sunday, May 12, 2013

quitting FB

I am quitting facebook...
i won't delete my profile lah since it's linked with pages so, still i am using the fb messages to email people. I also need the pages to make announcement. I just dont wanna be there anymore. Gud Luck.

Actually i m thinking of leaving fb a lot of times, no luck. I am actively involve since 2009.
How long fb would last? People are fedup with fb policy...latest about the brutal video of a woman been murdered circulating around and everybody could watch it including a child.
Last time, i had report a page about this girl stepping on a Quran, hate Islam. They replied that the page doesn't violated their policy....i hate fb since then.

I started to hate my friends about their political opinions....not good.
Some friends love to show off what they have.....not good.
Some friends claimed to be pious also spread untrue news....and brag about their piousness....not good.
Me? who knows what i have done?....not good.
I started to feel stress reading the feed line....
So many advertisement on the feed line...

(Sedikit sebanyak mesti ada dosa aku buat kat situ....)
Last time, fb is so much fun, connecting with friends and catch up what's happening in their lives.
Now, there's so may lies and negativity lingering like a dark cloud!

Since i stop FBing....i feel more okay. I managed to do a lot of other stuff. My mind is not blocked with negativity anymore.
This is it can message me since i still will receive email if anybody needs my attention.
Fb friends, anything can sms hokay....


  1. caya lah..aku lum mampu..still need my daily dose of FBing :p

  2. hg bukannya posting sangat will do better than me.
    anyway, i don't think i will succeed quitting fb....
    so far so good, still holding on.


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