Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speech Therapy Session 11

The session was...last Saturday. 
It was continuation of part of the day and story sequence from last session.
Adam behaved ok. Able to sit still even though showed a very boring blank face until I couldn't stand it anymore and asked a playtime from Ms K.

Ms K asked me to stress on 'inside' and 'outside'. This one is still not consistent. 'On' and 'Under' already checked OK! I will put that in mind.
Also, she asked me to continue showing story sequence and cause and effect...
Lastly, the emotion face--->sad, happy, angry, excited, confused...etc (this one has no problem, always shown in Grolier video). 

Adam progress: For me as a mother, I really think he is improving (a lot). He shows more attention and focus on what I am saying and showing and teaching him. 
He still cannot make a perfect sentence and still making his own words and sounds.
He loves go to kindergarten everyday...not like last years...he hated going there. I think this is because of his communication skill. Yes, communication skill is very important. If you think that your child is left behind, just ask your pediatrician. Don't listen to others...asked someone with the right qualifications for their referrals and expertise.

We gonna take a break for a month because Ms K is going training in Australia and we are also visiting neighboring country in April. Class resumes in May 2012.
Making a face. He had to make the face like the card...kind of fun :)

Edu tool for cause and effect and reasoning. Pressing the right combination will activate an alarm.  This tool is sold in educational stores and cost about RM199.00

The child has to match the right combination...this one quite hi-level thinking.

Ms K showed Adam how to press the button.

Part of day---> Evening and Night. What we do in the evening and night time...has to color.

Emotion...what we do when we are happy or sad---> cut/paste & color it.

Story sequence - two pictures match up. Also has to color.

PLAY time!

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