Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to deactivate voicemail? Macam mana mahu menyahaktif mel suara?

Ya...sama macam pengguna lain, i hate voicemail/mel suara.
Kalau dapat mel suara, mesti caller itu tak tinggalkan apa-apa mesej...and i paid for the call. The caller also paid for it...we both paid for nothing.
Untuk hotlink, i never bother to deactivate it coz .... ntah. Been using it since forever and the voicemail is there from the start. Couldn't find a way to deactivate it anywhere include their website...not in faq...only in forum but you have to give them your phone # openly...(openly?) happening for me since i already got lots of spammers....not openly. 

Recently, i just feel the need to deactivate my voice mail for both of my lines...hotlink (maxis) and digi. I never activate it. It's already activated from the start.  I really hate it. Most of the times, no real messages in the voice mail. All accidental... 
When i call my mom/sis also they don't pick up and i end up in the voicemail...and hung up. Still have to pay money...grrrr....
Sometimes, my phone rang and i rushed to answer it but i couldn't make it and the call diverted to voice mail. How to pick up within 4 rings? Idiot! Rushing for nothing....

These phone company, they don't wanna tell you deactivate it. I surf blogs...the info already invalid. Sigh...

Okeh, easylah...just call their customer service.
Digi, you call digi helpline: 016-2211800, then you have to endure listening to options given by robots. At first i got fedup and hung up...i called again, just choose whatever number option given to talk to human....Once you talk to human...tell them you want to deactivate voicemail...DONE in seconds. You will receive sms how to activate back (and to deactivate!) the code is:

*128*1*9*3# it?

For Maxis Hotlink, same. just call CS: 1300 820 120
Endure talking to robots, just choose any number to talk to human. Then tell them you want to deactivate voice mail. They will ask your phone number. Your voice mail will be deactivated within 2 hours.

Problem solved....

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