Thursday, August 1, 2013

Re-purpose unused inner

I have this long inner that should be worn inside a shirt to cover up arms...
The truth is i hate wearing inner. I love cardigan coz it's easier to be taken off once i am safe inside compared to inner.
In this tropical and climate country, inner sucks big time. So my inner just waiting for me inside my drawer until recently...
I didn't snap the inner 's picture before i cut it in the middle. Once i cut, i resembles a cardigan. Then i sew the side that i cut.

Then, i crochet a collar and lace from softspoken. Of course i adjusted the length to make it longer....
The lace is the same pattern as collar, i chained around 170 and finish at round 4.

Final result:

Now, i love it! Wearing it to the hot and sweaty bazaar ramadan and i just feel comfy. Gonna make more.

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