Monday, October 24, 2011

Second kitten died

Well, this morning, he was okay. Evening ------> dead.
Makes me sad.
Heard him meawing...its hurt to die. Every last breath must be like hell.
I just could not watch him go. Just like his sister (which I did saw the moment).
Just after a week...why? I asked Allah?
I hope to see them in heaven. Pray for me...for taking care of you two this one month.
I adjusted my routine just to feed you guys. \
Now, seeing that empty cage really sucks.
Miss your cry in the middle of the night.
I dreamed that both of you already beautiful.
Now, back to old routine.
No more rushing back home to feed the kittens.

Hubby said: Please no more.
I guess that small kittens never gonna survive without their mom's antibody. Damn right.
Damn that person...DAMN YOU. KILLER!!! Are you satisfied now? Moron.

Well, I tried my best. Thought this one gonna make it coz he was the stronger one. But I could feel that he was going weaker after his sister gone. Or, maybe coz Adam held him to tight? I donno...
I just feel like...' confuse, sad, terkilan...'

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