Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What happened in my life last week...

Last week, we celebrated Adelina's 2nd Birthday. Nothing big, as always...only the four of us.
Adelina is a big girl now...cannot believe it that she's two. She is a baby to me. Always. Still breast feeding.
Latching till sleep.
She can say some words now. She totally understand when I am mad, happy, and understand my instruction. She is like a little living doll. She is beautiful. She will be a beautiful girl when she grow up.
She drives me nuts sometimes. She is a cry baby...She cries whenever she wants something and could not get it. She cries when she is sleepy. Hungry? yes, she cries for that too. She cries when I am busy with customers. She cries for attention. She cries when Adam did something to her.
But, she is adorable. As always....People love her. Whenever we go out, people will come and smile to her, talk to her, touch her chubby cheek, some might hold her...because she is so adorable.
Ayah said, we will be in trouble when she's in her teen. Because she is beautiful.

Now, she can say:
mama = mama (me), yaya (ayah), tam (Adam), tadak (tak der, not here), fu (elephant), cat = cat, dog = dog, key (monkey), wawa (bawah), cucu (susu), men (main), pepel (apple), up, ....list goes on (will add when I remember)

We will always love her. Happy Birthday my girl.


  1. ahakss..standard la perangai budak2 umur dia.. Nazrin ni pun w/pun dah 2thn8bln, still nenen lg.. bila ckp kat dia, nnt baby nak nenen apa, dia jawab baby nenen susu la..hahaha bijak2 abg ngah ni..

    p/s: shahrin tanya, awat love tu jatuh2 ibu? hahaha..

    1. aku tak bercadang nak wean...biarlah. Cuma nak wean malam dan nak ajaq dia tiduq tanpa nenen. Susah tu. Selalu fail...sebab apa? malas nak dengaq dia nangis malam-malam. Nak cepat, bagi susu saja...Nanti nak post pasal night weaning...
      Saja gatai nak buh love jatuh2...:))


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