Friday, April 27, 2012

Halu Singapore!

tetiba blogger ada interface baru...konfius sikit. writing from tablet lagilah, susah sikit...

on 25th april, i left my adelina on hotel bed, then went to the next detached this correct? ( bilik bersambung ada pintu di tengah-tengah), she was bottle fed when i ran to the next room, i was talking with my hubby suddenly heard a thud sound only to find adel sprawled on the floor. she cried as always after a fell, but this time, i was feeling a bit worried. she was pointing to her neck and cried non stop. actually we were on our way to shop something before going to singapore. then i asked my driver aka hubby to go see doc first, yeah x-ray showed that she broke her collar bone. hubby wanted to drive us back to kl, but doc said it was ok to go singapore but limit movement. the bone should be healed within 2 weeks... doc gave her an arm sling to limit her movement. poor baby, i never broke any of my bones...yet.
moral of the story, never leave your tod alone...

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