Tuesday, April 24, 2012


sungguh fenats...
travelling from kulim - kajang - dangga bay.
we stay at tune hotel dangga bay. today we are supposed to take a shuttle bus to universal studios, already bought yesterday, little that we know it is first come first serve. when we confirmed with the shuttle bus, our ride is 10.30 am going to, and 10.30 pm coming back...ok-la, my hubby just bought....but thinking about coming back at 10.30pm...it's too late. the kids must be sleeping by then, the rides at uni studios also closed at 7pm in weekdays, so we would be tired and wasting time as hell.
suggesting to my hubby, 'kita bawak kereta lah masuk...kan senang'
easy to bring all the stuff. can pray inside the car, save all the trouble.
the bus ticket value about rm60 - burnt. no refund.
so today, im gonna celebrate my birthday at singapore....!

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