Friday, April 27, 2012

river cruise...that's a wrap

kami dah pergi universal studios, night safari, underwater world lastly river cruise along singapore river, diner at clarke quay...ready to go home already.
uni studio is a must visit, suitable for adult with older kids. small tods .... cannot take all rides coz most ride have min height. no...not the same as everland korea. i love the castle, lord farquat from shrek movie...i watched shrek 4d with adam. hubby & adel had to go out coz she was afraid of the sounds inside.
night safari...ok too. nasib baik anak dah nap panjang sepmetang so malam boleh stay up. banyak binatang...unique la...gajah, lion, dubuk, kucing hutan, segala kambing, wilderbeast, burung pun ada...adam ni lepas tengok gajah start lalok. mula masuk kami pi tengok show dulu, oklah show banyak drama dari binatang...then baru naik tram ride, turun kat cats trail...jalan dalam 1/2 jam, sambung tram samoai habis...adel, takut gelap dan bunyi pelik, pekup muka kat dada ayah dan dukung/peluk...lain kali tak payah bawa jalan, tinggal kampung jer. (tablet ni susah nak betulkan spelling yer...pandai2 la)
hotel di clarke quay memang strol tepi sungai singapore ni. here is clubbing area. lot's of i walk i heard them talking in japanese, indonesian, korean, philipines...india...english of course, europe country language.
last day i hired a taxi to sentosa again, to underwater world, since my kids love sharks and dolphins and fish...oklah at last i can see with my own eyes..the dolphins. loving the moment...sweet memory. but klcc aquaria and langkawi underwater are much better in terms of the aquariums and tunnels...
don't forget to river cruise and snap pictures with the merlion.
tempat tak pi...zoo, bird park, butterfly park, hay diaries...maybe next time insyallah.

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