Tuesday, April 10, 2012

shopping makes me happy...

Thanks to God I lived in this small town nowhere to shop area. If I live in Penang or KL...who knows what will happen to my purse.
I am looking for a couch for my shop. My kids need a place to rest. They can sleep on that couch without me worrying of ant bite. My shop is located in a very old building... There're holes everywhere and ants coming out from it. You name it, all kinds of ants...red, black, small, army ants...and bit my kids. They afraid of ants. I have lotion handy for ant bites that I bought and asked from doctor...ants really bug me... a lot. I hate ants.
Here I was walking down the aisle during my norm grocery shop. Tada!  A couch! They sell  couches?! I want it! I want it! I keep thinking bout that couch that fits my budget and space area. Have to hurry!

I always make a shopping list before the event. Even though I hate groceries shopping, but I do feel happy doing it. Just grab some of this and that...before arrived home I already make a new list inside my head for the next shopping trip. My kids enjoy it. It's like going to a carnival. My girl always cry when we left...Adik, don't worry we will be back soon. Tesco and Kulim Carnival Mall only 5 minutes away.

It does make me feel up from down...
Yes, I do have this untold dilemma.
Shopping makes me happy. It is a retail.
I hope I am a mak Datin.

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