Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today, I cooked the worst dinner ever!
I am so tired to care...
So, I decide to just buy dinner after this.

Peeking at FB status, wow these people having a lovely dinner.
What to do, I have no passion in cooking and eating.
Eating is a chores too you know?

No body is asking me to cook but if I didn't cook, there will be no I must cook.
Since we are going holiday next week, I am not gonna groceries this week. So all the chickens and meat and prawns and pizza already out of stock. My mind keep asking me to go out shop. I need new jeans and shoes too...but NO.
Ah, I won't go out this week. Save all my money for this holiday...

BTW, my bday is coming and I really want to buy a gift for myself...I really wish for a golden ring. My hubby won't bother bout my birthday. The kids are too young to celebrate with me.
Yup, maybe will buy after this holiday.

Tonight,  I plan to not sweeping the floor, not mopping...I just want to relax. It has been a while since I 'layan' korean drama. I also don't want to fold the clothes. Just let it be for a day.

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