Friday, September 18, 2015

Anger Anger Please go Away

You know since my hubby go to work in KL, i have to care my 2 kids and a baby help from anyone.
I feel so helpless...
I asked my mom to stay with me since i live alone and i m scared of myself being angry..but she wants to go to her Islamic classes at hometown...
I understand she just wants her saham much as she could earn. Oh i wish to join her!

I tell you the truth, i don't even have time to 'membuang'...have to hold time to eat...hold is messy all the time, if hubby around will make effort to clear the mess for him.

No time for everything. My baby also doesn't like to nap...ok naplah like 7-5 mins that's it. She sleeps at around 11 pm. If got rezeki, she will sleep early and i will have free time about 2 hours, if not...all of us will drift off to sleep together...leaving the house in the mess...i will wake up just to pray, prep Adam's bag for school and sign Adel's homework...

Yes I have no time for my own new products will be put on hold....weeks without sale since cannot process. The longer i keep the more money I waste..

My hubby asked me to go to school for school transfer form...I said i have no time...don;t have time to poop and pee. I bath with my baby if not i will transform into a goat.
Yes, i have to prep lunch, go fetch them and go out again for time is barely enuff.

No time to do Adam's revision whatsoeva...pity him.

And, since i am alone, i snapped lot's lot's lot's of time...

My baby, cannot be put down, She wants to be hold...all the time....

Adel, will create scenes every single day (middle child syndrome)...argggh!!! luckily she loves her sister.

I hate baby wearing, i am skinny my back ache!

This is just temporary...

Enjoy the 'moment'

Anger anger just bug off me!

Allah please guide me! Please!


  1. haha..tergelak baca post..have been through that..yup felt one to help..mak kata "it will last, so be patience". i know how it feels when you r not having baths for days. i have had those days. Now, i really enjoy bathing..God, its heavens to bath two times a day. I know how it feels when you have no time to pee and poo. "it will last, so be patience"

    1. yet i wanna have another baby...haish....

  2. Salam pn can u email me at nak tanya reading products yg u guna for ur kids tq yer

    1. email i @
      takde fancy-fancy products pon...
      Untuk english guna Bacalah Anakku English.
      Untuk BM guna buku yang cikgu sekolah bagi....nanti i N3 pasal buku nih...bagus tau.
      Untuk baby, guna brillkids.


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