Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am proud to be SAHM

What is SAHM?
Stay At Home Mom

Today, I feel proud to be one.
I can take care of my children myself.
If anything happens, it will be under my supervision and my responsibility...not others.
For example: the collar bone case during our holiday?

Today, I feel sad coz I watched this video showing a woman abusing a baby...together the moms shared on FB and eventually the video was shared/sent to the police. I really hope the culprit would be brought to justice. I feel like throwing rotten eggs to that woman...really spoiled my mood coz the video repeatedly playing again and again in my head.

I am happy coz I can take care of my own children under my nose. Never mind that I am super duper 'garang' (what we call garang in English?). I will never let that kind of thing(s) happen to my kids. We will never know how good someone else takes care of our child... It won't be as good as us the mother.

:) I believe Allah will take care of that...

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