Saturday, May 19, 2012


Do you believe in fate?
I do, I always do...
I know Allah is helping me to get out of trouble by showing me the path.

Actually I am gonna write about Adam's preparation before the mid term exam but something amazing happened today I have to jot down. My mom is out of country so cannot call her to express my feeling.

Last two days, I sent a parcel Poslaju to my customer at Sarawak. The parcel cost supposed to be RM40+ due to the size but the officer that day (my friend) just calculated the postage by the weight itself and only cost RM19.00.
Okay fine, so I was gonna refund the shipping balance to my customer thru Paypal since she paid using credit card. I planned to refund tonight because we were at the hospital doing follow up for Adel's broken bone all day.

Suddenly I got a call from Poslaju saying that a parcel had to be returned to me. Why? I was wondering who's parcel? They said that the parcel from Sabah/Sarawak...
Coming back from hospital, dug out all the invoices to Borneo, off to Poslaju office... was the parcel to my recent customer in Sarawak. Why? I asked my pos officer friend, apparently one of the item inside the parcel cannot be delivered by air. It might Xplode!!! Ohhh, maybe that new product just added in my catalog. This is the first time the item been sold. I know that this item cannot be shipped outside Malaysia but never know that it cannot be shipped by air.
Okay, luckily the customer is okay and understand the situation and I am gonna refund the item value only.
So, I don't have to cover the shipping loss. I won't ask my customer to pay shipping twice. I just use the shipping balance to re-ship the parcel with other items.

Thanks to Allah for saving me from loss...Alhamdulillah for your path. I promise to be a better person, better mom, better wife, better muslim...

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