Thursday, May 3, 2012


Missing blogging.
As usual after travelling, lots of things to be done like washing loads loads of laundry.
Unpacking...adjusting to normal life.
I love travelling but...really-la, drain all my money. I need to clear CC debts after travelling...
Money in banks also...down down down.

Actually, last night I noticed that Baya supermom blogs have been updated saying 'bye'. Clicked - no more. What happened? I did not jotted down her new blog add. Yes, I m gonna miss her. Anybody has her blog add please let me know.

Mommies who is staying at home like me, or have kids with learning disabilities, feel free to leave your blog add here at the comment section. If I think you are somewhat like me...yes I would list your blog here so that sahm like me can read and share their life and bla bla here.
If you are working mom, also fine...
If you are work at home mom also (also somewhat like me...) just fine...
If you bring your kids to work also (just like me)...great!
I want to know.. who else out there - like me.

Here I do not insert 'shout box' or 'email me' coz I hate spammers.

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