Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School Holiday

Here in Malaysia is 2 weeks school break...
I luv it coz don't have to rush Adam to school... :) can be more relax in the morning...
So, this school break, I wanna focus on Adam's writing skills, how to hold pencil properly, arabic alphabets, numbers and math (+ only), phonics english and malay, simple arabic words...I also bought some tools for him so that he won't get bored at home all day.
The activities only during morning after breakfast...like at kindy. Afternoon, I will be busy with my shop activities...I just let them play with tablet, drawing, watch cartoons...relax, play, fight with each other ha ha.
I bought Origami book, a new cut & paste book and opposites flash card.

Some of the Opposites flash cards...good one, only RM4.50 at Mr. DIY

This is how the cut and paste book look like inside...fun you know! scissor skills. Only RM7.90 at Hasani Kulim.

One more example of cut and paste, inside look.

After completing the book, there's a DIY certificate!

Origami book, inside look...only RM6.90 at Hasani Kulim.

Yesterday's result. He's already knows alif to dal... I will reduce the tracing activity, I want him to remember the alphabets and print it down...not tracing it.
Okey, below is the sample for Brillkids, arabic alphabets....just click & play every morning. The is sound not so clear though..I only record half due to the larger the size, slower to download..You want it? Available free at Brillkids library> foreign language, but you got to have the licence key only available once you buy the product. You can try for free and download this also free during the free trial time (9 days only).

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