Sunday, May 27, 2012


This evening, I snapped. I was angry with my girl coz she climbed up the table (at my shop) and wanted to take the freeze magnets.
(After the collar bone case, I was a bit furious whenever she did that!) What would happen if she fell again?
I was angry because she could not stop crying and could not make decision of which  magnets she wanted.
I spanked her diaper covered butt. She cried even more.
I left...
When I came back, she was like napping.
Masyallah, she wanted her nap, that's why she was making a fuss.

Quickly I kissed her. I slapped my own face- HARD! a couple of times...
I removed all the magnets. I removed the chair she used to climb, Hopefully no more magnet crisis after this.

Tonight, looking at her eyes, I wonder If I could live long enough to be with her...I hope so.

***wrote this last week but just keep it in draft.

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