Saturday, May 12, 2012

Speech Therapy Session 12

Good News....Adam is making so much progress so we just need to follow up once a month!

Well, after a month, Adam is asking about Ms. K.
"I want Ms. K, mom..."
So this morning, after bath time, I told him that we are going to see Ms. K, he was so excited and wanted to skip breakfast...Just imagine if today was the last session, he would be sad :(

Ms. K is a nice lady...very good with children. She has lot's of experience with special need children like down sindrom, celebral palsy, delay speech (like my son), hyperactive kids...autism....So, case like Adam is 'kacang' for her.

So, today we continue with; story sequence and practiced with prepositions.
Then, the opposites, focus more to opposite with adjective - young/old, tall/short, fat/thin, clean/dirty, strong/weak, happy/sad, small/big, open/close, wet/dry, hard/ on.

Knowing opposites and adjectives will help him build sentences.
  • She asked me to keep it simple not complicated.
  • Always correcting his pronunciation.
  • Speak clearly especially in Malay because Malay has more 'suku kata'. (I don't know what 'suku kata' is in English).
  • Show him a story sequence picture and ask him to tell short story.
So, class resume next month - June 2012.

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