Sunday, June 17, 2012

AIO entry

1. Fed up with Malay supplier

In doing business, I trust Chinese supplier rather than Malay...why? Most Malay suppliers are dishonest in dealing business...Once their business are booming, they will be like...'rambang mata' and start to get greedy and cheat...This kind of people really a disgrace to Islam.
Last week I really got fed up with this one bumiputra supplier...I already banned them. I won't deal with them anymore. I know they will come back to me and beg me to promote their products...GTH!!!
I tak halalkan sesen duit yang you all tipu I. I believe in Allah and Allah will take a very good care of this matter okay....

2. Reducing Adelina's Milk Intake

My toddler is really milk craving or crazy about drinking milk. I think she drinks too much. Since she's not an eater (she doesn't eat), I think it is okay to replace with milk....I just put my worries behind. My hubby too, is concern...asked me whether it is ok to give her that much milk...(> 5 bottles 9 oz daily). Adults cannot consume more that 8 litters of H2O a day or else the cells will burst and we will die of too much fluid. Really? Yes.
Surfing the net...oh it's really not wise to give too much milk to toddler. they only need not more than 24 oz per day...oh...that's way beyond limit. So, I started to reduce from 9oz to 6oz each time only 4 times/day.
Wow, I can see that her appetite increases...she starts to have more rice...(she hates rice before). Today, she really ate her lunch. I am happy when she eats...

3. Adam's Speech Therapy Session ....

All of us woke up early, went breakfast and straight to Penang for the session...Arriving at the gate, Ms Kok said: "Eh, Adam's session is next week..."
I was like " Really? Aiyoh!!!"
Yes, I wrongly jotted the date wrong...mama, what happened to ms organizer?
Hubby said that we couldn't balik kampung next week because of this mixed up schedule...(thank God I don't like to balik kampung...I am bored to death there). Class resumes next week.
So, we just continue to practice...
Why are they laughing?

Story Sequence



  1. wei Adel pun picky eater eh..mcm Shahrin gak tp dia tak la minum susu smpi bnyk tu..dia pun asyik susu gak until recently ja dah tak minum botoi susu, tu pun sbb botoi dia hilang kat rmh mak ahmad masa aku bersalin kat khairin..skg ni dah mula mkn nasik tu pun berkira..kena nasik ada sup ada teloq dadar..hahahah..

    btw, bahu Adel dah ok lum?

  2. bahu dah ok...Adel ni bukan picky, langsung takmo jamah makanan...jenuh masak macam-macam. Roti, biskut, cucuq jer makanan dia.
    berbeza dengan Adam, si adik suka susu. Adam masa phase dia dulu memang tak minum susu banyak...makan pun biasalah takmo. Tapi sekarang Adam takde masalah makan. Adik lepas kurangkan susu baru mau makan...


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