Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Speech Therapy Session 13

Last Saturday was the scheduled date...
The therapist showed a play house set with the miniature furniture and dolls. She asked Adam to place the furniture wherever he felt like it. Then asked what the dolls were doing... This activity is important to encourage children's imagination and abstract thinking. ( I thought doll house just for girls). Ms K asked me to play together with Adam whenever possible.
During treat time, there was a fire engine toy truck, Ms K said the house was on fire and asked Adam to put it off. He successfully imagined sprinkling the fire with water and saved the making sound like 'wuish, wuish..."
Ms K said that Adam is in high level mode already and therefore he can imagine things that weren't there. So, I should encourage him more, like asking him what will happen if....and continue encourage him to draw...encourage him more in character play. ...Buy doll house?

Then, she showed a bunch of picture cards about right or wrong or ethics. Such as picture of cute teddy bear not turning off the water pipe and let the water flowing out of the sink....So, I have to search on picture board about do's and don'ts.

Playing shopping...

Playing doll house

Do's and Don'ts

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