Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brillkids Week 15 & 16

The session is getting longer....ouch! Sometimes when she got distracted or seemed bored I just stopped the session and continue later. She's already two and her focus getting shorter. So far still doing good.

Little Maths course, I decided to stop at day 64 because Adelina repels the session. I feel like forcing her into the session. Little Maths too, the session is longer due to learning numbers and maths. I became stressed because she could not focus and I don't think she is learning anything because she is more interested in the object instead of the numbers...So, I quit at day 64. Hope to give another try if we decided to have another baby....(BABY? thinking about it really make me exhausted. Ha Ha)

Not to worry, even though we quit the daily course, we can manually learn maths in the 'numbers' and 'maths' section in the program. I choose red dots starting from 1-10 and 10 - 0. It's just red dots. No icons. Yesterday, she was amazed with the dots and counting together... :))
I will insert videos in the next entry about red dots, maths lesson using BK Little Maths ok?

Even though Adelina my two year old toddler hates the daily math course, my 5 year old boy seems okay with the product. Maybe because his focus skill is getting longer and better...he's learning the 'Introducing Numerals' and 'Math' using the program.

Here BK Little Reader is week 15

This is week 16

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