Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Serene Kulim

I love Kulim...
So serene, less people & i have everything i need here...if i need to shop for something not here, just 45 minute drive to Penang.Or...shop online.
Klinik kesihatan is less people, no foreigner of course. Klinik ibu & anak...waiting time is less than 30 minutes...(better than private clinic). The nurses are friendly...Klinik LPPKN also nearby. Just 10 minutes drive from my home.
Private Hospitals are a lot on the island and there are 2 in Bandar Perda and Bagan...just 45 mins drive also. Hospital Kulim = only 15km away (been there once 4 years ago).

My soul-mate mentioned that he wanted to apply for another job in KL. I said go ahead if the company is willing to pay higher. He is working with one of the best employer in the world.... Careful, living in a big city is very expensive...and i don't like living in high rise building. How ever  it would be fun because my sisters and brother all are there...we can do tonnes of activities together plus i can fulfill my dream to pursue phD...so many higher learning institutions over there.

I don't know if our rezeqi is there...but i love Kulim i do! I can breath very deeply to the bottom of my lungs with fresh air! I can go anywhere in 15 minutes. No jams...No flash flood...you know our 4wd broke down because of traffic jam in heavy rain but luckily managed to come back to Kulim and got fixed here. That poor diesel giant is so spoiled here in Kulim. Traffic is so smooth. Definitely gonna buy a smaller car if we have to move there.

Anyway i had a blast with my sisters and bff. Really hope to turun KL again soon ha ha!
I managed to crochet a set of baby hat and boots for my new niece.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by chores didn't know where to start...I am no multitask er.
I refrained myself from crochet activity until i done all my 'kedai' pending tasks. Will crochet again tonight. I miss the yarns...

Remember the kitten i saved? we brought it along to KL leaving other two in boarding. Yes, still with me coz nobody wants it. Started to fallen in 'love' with the kitten.

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