Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sometimes feel like doing nothing...

like tonight...i wasted my time waiting for my girl to sleep. They had early dinner. I didn't have dinner yet coz rushing to prayer...because my son got toothache so we visited the dentist at 5pm, only back at 6pm and he wanted to play game ps3 so i asked him to bath first, so both of them bathed...then it was already 7pm, i didn't prepare dinner yet, so off to the kitchen and only finished cooking dinner around 7.45pm...(the kids only have porridge since the boy suffering toothache)...then rushing to shower and prayed...suddenly my son said he wanted to sleep, it was only 8pm i said ok, brush your teeth first. He did what i told and rinsed his mouth with salty water (ayaq garam) to kill the bad germs. Then my girl came to the bed and still active, wanted to read books...after the third, i asked her to sleep, she tried...but stayed awake for 1 hour. I was hungry because i need my dinner...suddenly Adam woke up crying because of his bad tooth....i asked him to put some toothache medicine on the teeth but he refused and cried...and cried some more. So, i just went to the kitchen and had some dinner before i go mad. At the end he went to sleep...just like that. 

I bought this Hurix toothache medicine...it tastes like cengkih. Yes, cengkih is traditionally used to ease toothache...it's kind of spicy and minty. He didn't like it at all.

Since he hurt so much tonight, and woke up several times even after paracetamol, he agreed to use that medicine...just dabbed at cotton buds and applied at the bad tooth. Hope it will hold till tomorrow. My poor son...so far so good.

Oh, dentist gave some paracetamol and antibiotic just like before. Hope will kill the germs just like before too, without removing the tooth.

I think he has to skip school tomorrow-

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