Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's do this together! - making a girl's dress PART 1

This dress is for a 3-4 years old for chest measurement 54cm, Waist measurement 52cm and hips 56cm. My girl's is 50/49/52.
The pattern i uploaded is for the whole gown, so you have to cut the upper part (bahagian dada) at the 'F'. Here, we are using the upper part of the gown only. The skirt measurement is 40cm width x the length you desire (longer or shorter is up to you).  Sleeveless of with sleeve is also up to the mommy.
Please download the pattern Front, Back, Sleeve. Please be informed that for the Sleeve, you have to attach it together because my scanner is small cannot scan all in one piece. Same with Front and Back. For Back page 2, the skirt seemed to a missing small part at the bottom side...just draw a small triangle to complete the part when you place the pattern onto your cloth. the three small circle means: the folding area (bahagian lipatan). You might make mistakes during your first time placing/cutting the pattern, you will cut the same piece twice for the back me, you will learn faster after making mistakes! Haha!

Place your pattern on the cloth, cut at the same size with pattern, no need extra sewing 1cm (pola ini tak perlu basi).

Then, sew the upper part, shoulder and side.

This is the back view. Pin it before sew...the blue line is for zipper position.
Part 1 DONE. Easy heh? TBC...

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