Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sewing a girl's dress PART 2

For part 1 click here.

Part 2 is sewing the upper part to the skirt part...We also gonna sew the zipper at the back of the dress.

Okay, pin the upper part to the skirt part together...nicely.

 Below is the 'look' from the outside. Should look pretty-lah at the outside. Then go sew!

 Done sewing, we will set up the zip. Honestly, it's a bit tricky to sew a zipper for me...i am just an amateur. After made mistakes a few times, i am not afraid anymore to sew zipper.

 What you have to do is place the zipper at the zig-zag sign across the line that i drew at the pattern. Pin it.

Then i will mark 'where to stop sewing' mark from the bottom of the skirt.
Just pin 5 cm fro the bottom part of the zip to mark where to stop sewing. Pin it.

Then you can sew the 2 pieces of the back skirt until the 'mark'. So, your zipper would be nicely hidden there when it's done.

 Then, sew the zip.

This is how it's look from inside...

 This is how it's look from the outside. Don't sew upside down or outside inside..haha

TBC....sewing sleeve cuff.

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