Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aktiviti untuk Adam & Adel di rumah

Well, actually the schedule is free & easy. No fixed time to do what & what & what. I just set the everyday must do. Such:

1. Writing practice for Adam. Tracing for Adelina.
2. Counting 1-2-3
3. Read a book together
4. Cut and Paste (not daily)
5. Puzzle
6. Craft (whenever I have more time and tools and ideas)

I don't want to stress myself. So, 1-3 only is the priority. Yeah right, I am super busy woman. I write bout my activities later.

For writing practice, I just print it from the internet. There are tonnes of free web. I was overwhelmed at first. I bookmarked all of them but after scrutinizing/analyzing/filtering/searching these are my three favorites:

1. DLTK Kids Custom tracer - you can customize any alphabets or words you would want your child to write. They can trace it. For me, I teach them phonetic in Malay, so I need words like 'na, ni, nu, ba, bu, on'. This is the best custom tracer page.

2. Ziggityzoom - Lots of simple alphabets/ number/ shapes/ coloring...craft. Really like it. Easy to print out. No mess and confusing links. Love it and recommend it to all my friends.

3. Kidslearningstation - Here, you can get lots of tracer page. All levels. Cutting skills page for fine motor skills, basic writing practice, numbers, shapes, coloring page...LOTs more. Easy to open and print.

4. DLTK Kids Craft - This one is for printing out Craft. Trust me, kids love Craft. You will spend great Q-time while making craft with them. Even for 5 mins. They will appreciate it.

What you need at home to home-edu your child is a computer and color printer. Yes - COLOR printer.


  1. aku tak bley laa beraktiviti dengan si Kalep..
    hangin satu badan dibuatnya

  2. masa mula-mula memang....aku lagi la. teruk dari antu rimau keluar. aku tak abis tulis lagi ni. aku tak yakin langsung pasal home-edu. baik hantaq sekolah. tapi sebab anak aku bermasalah, terpaksalah kan...nak wat camner. tapi syiok. ni rasa sedih sebab dia dah nak gi tadika bulan depan...kena kurangkan la aktiviti ni kat dia.


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