Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saper nak jadi suri rumah angkat tangan!!!!!

This is what I always comment in FB ---->Be careful of what you wish for...nak jadi housewife konon.

I am used to be a carrier minded woman also. During that time, I did my household chores also. Taking care of baby, sent him to nursery, took him back, bathed him, fed him, everything. I was tired and hope to care my child and never go to work again....sending him to that dreadful nursery really broke my heart. Plus...banyak problem kerja lagi.

The wierd thing is....becoming a suri rumah really sucks. You are trapped in the house. Has nowhere to go. No tasks. No nothing. Nada. Ellek. None. Blank. Oh...No MONEY. NO $$$ at the end of the month. Stress + depress = my dearest friends. Feel bored all the times. Nobody understand. Low self esteem coz you are not working. Bored of doing stupid chores. Nobody appreciates what you did. Plus, you will leave a blank period of time in your resume (in case you want to go work again in the future). In Malaysia, this is not good at all. In the US/UK, okay. They will accept this reason. Stay at home to care for your family, then work again.

Stress of being a suri is different from work stress. I think it is bcoz----> stress at work, you will leave them at work. You will forget about it for a while after meeting your loved ones. Stress of being suri------> It will haunt you 24-7. If you didn't do anything bout it, it will EXPLODE. Either to your Yes, sometimes I feel trapped. I need some air. I sent the kids to the daily nanny. So that I could wind off. But I kept feeling guilty. Failed to be a good mom. Then of course I hated the nanny's services. Always let my child not wearing clothes. So, I stopped my day off. Then after some times, I think by online biz was going no-where. I wanted to job hunting again. Every time I tried to look for a job, I felt guilty. I don't wanna miss a thing of my children's moments. Then I stopped searching for a job. Okay, fine. I will further my study then. I was so close to submit the application form to study in Seoul...(WOW!), then I got this letter from MARA saying that I got that shop lot I was applying for (months ago). Here I am, this is my destiny. My online shop and walk in shop is getting better...I am happy because I can be with my children every single moments. Shop together...learn together. SCREAM together...Frustrated together. Everything together gether...

I sold my car. So I have no mortgage debt. Every months, I just settle my manageable credit card debts like tv installment, Grolier installment. Insurance of course...(really pain in the ass). Then, shop rental. Clear debt first then save some money in Tabung Haji. Shopping money in BSN (emergency funds). I don't have lot's of saving but I am okay. I don't owned a house or a car by I am happy. I have no debt. I am debt free.

Of course my mom supports me all the way thru. My hubby? so-so. Hope he will help the chores. He never do chores...I am okay with it. I do my part...he does his part. Husband and wife have different roles in marriage. I hate nagging. Sakidap. Doa to Allah. Allah will appreciate what you do and what you did. He has  a big responsibility in mortgages, bills, household expenditure, his own gadgets shopping, his entertainment stuff---etc.

Money will always be an issue to me. I value the money more coz it s hard to get. Even 1 ringgit, 10 cent is precious. No more shopping like crazy...I still buy stuff like my precious Samsung Tab 10.1 but I really have to save for it. Next is a new laptop (this one is old and slow already), then buy Brillkids for Adelina, then is my piano, on so forth. Shopping list never end.

Anyway, if anybody asks me:
' I would love to stay home and become house wife'...
' Good lah, no stress at home.'
'Why don't you be a craft teacher at....'

You have no idea bout being at home. You even feel bored after 1 week time off. How can you be a full time stay at home parent?

I never encourage anyone to be a SAHM even though I love every moment of it...:)


  1. Ko ni wat aku seram jer wei..
    kontrak aku tamat 31 Dis ni..
    Dan belum ada planning nak cari keje secepat mungkin..
    Igt nak job hunting semula selepas Hasya wean off nenen..

  2. bila nak wean off nenen? adelina ni dah 2 tahun gayut lagi...tak sampai hati nak wean...duduk rumah ni kena depend on hubby la dari segi kewangan. dulu ko kerja, tapi lepas benti, memang terasa kekurangan $$$ especially kalau ada hutang nak bayar bulan2. Baik ko simpan dalam bank at least 6 bulan gaji atau lebih...
    duduk rumah jaga anak membuatkan kita lupa nak meluangkan masa berkualiti bersama anak...pelik tetapi benar. kalau ko working mom, ko akan appreciate masa ko yang ada bersama anak ko kan? takpe la, kalau nak join the club, i welcome u...seronoknya buleh gi mana2 bila2 masa...


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