Monday, August 13, 2012

Therapy session 14 - Last Sesion/ DISCHARGED

All of us couldn't be happier when the therapist decided to discharged Adam from the therapy session. Honestly we are getting tired. Think again, my son only has speech delay problem, how about others with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy or dyslexia?....
Miss K said she thought Adam would be in therapy for years when she first met Adam.
Back then Adam only uttered "ka ka ka ka ka" He was 4 years old.
Adam has been picking up so fast (thanks to his MOM too...) so his pronunciation is clearer and he 's able to sit and focus during the therapy and he's doing a very good job.
So, miss K just want me (and the dad) to continue doing self speech therapy at home sweet home. She gave some guidance about what to do to improve Adam's speech....

What to do continuously...
  • talk with longer, simple structure sentence - eg: I want to cook the big fish today.
  • Sharing stories with him - pets, school, shopping, at the playground, hobby, ambitions...preferably you can draw pictures while sharing the story.
  • Reading simple sentence.
  • Concept - Story sequence (firstly, second, third, finally)
  • Commenting - "why is your teeth yellow?, Why are you so smelly?, Your drawing is beautiful...
  • Problem solving
Cut and Paste - story sequence

Story Sequence...( actually 'and then' not 'end then'...)

He's done this one.

Problem solving. Why are they wet?

Story Sequence activity

Story Sequence - cut and paste

Building auditory directory skills. you can asked how many papers? which drawer is open?
 I am planning to draw some simple story sequence myself and share it here...
Good job Adam! Love you.

Special thanks to Miss O and Miss K from Pacific Speech Therapy Penang for your guidance. For other parents out to your kids...A LOT!

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