Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My tod really drives me NUTS!!!

I hate this terrible two duration...
When she was a baby...so cute and cuddly.
Now, her tantrum really pushing me to the limit...she would scream without reason demanding things... she would yell 'macam nak tercirit'...whenever possible. Don't disturb her once she started it won't end... Sometimes i just let her cry till she's tired..but she won't quit, she will cry...till i'm tired. It's really difficult for me to work. I am thinking to send her to Montessori style day care so that i can do my work (office related). She is also afraid of the printer's sound and would scream some more...whenever i really need to print out invoice or customer's address...really annoying and slow me down.

Even my mom asked me why? Her creaming is irritating...what would i do? This is just the terrible two time, will end in 2 years...hoho!
Yup, after brillkids done, off she goes to Montessori. You have to learn to be with other people than your mom here. Maybe she need's other friends to play instead of his brother.
Here, only Chinese montessori available for 2 year old children. Malay one really just 'nga-nga'.
I am just human. Not superMak.

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