Saturday, September 8, 2012

it's my turn to say sorry

Say sorry to my neighbor...
The culprit is Oren..
He pooped at my neighbor flower pot...

My neighbor is not at home you know. As always, they will only be back once a week or a fortnight.
I'm thinking to sneak into theirs and clean the pot...but I don't want to 'kantoi' what if they are back when I am there...he he he. No...No
My hubby doesn't want to involve in my cat's business.
Hrmmmm....seriously have to meet them when the are home and say "SORRY. It won't happen again. Here some spray to repel cats from coming..." erk...awkward.
I pray to Allah that the poop will magically GONE!

Update: They didn't come home, the smell of poo is gone now. Allah grant my wish. Thank you Allah. I love you Allah.

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