Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visiting Miss K

Today we went to the therapy center to gift a token of appreciation to Miss K.
Adam was so has been a long time after the last session.
He couldn't wait and keep asking are we going to see Miss K?...(we went to kenduri earlier).

Miss K is a very busy lady. She's a young woman with a very big heart.
She does a lot of charity and non-profitable works related to speech therapy. She goes to rural areas to educate parents that are still clueless about celebral palsy, autism, dyslexia...or speech delay. She also helps adults that need therapy after accident or stroke. She doesn't care what color you are, she just wants to help you. She is very kind and loving person too. She is happy with what she is doing. She works at government hospital and several private therapy centers. She is very hardworking and works everyday...really an iron lady. We are lucky to be assigned to her and hope the best for her in her career.

So, Adam was so happy seeing her and thought that we would go into the therapy room like usual. He was so sad and cried when we started saying good bye for after such a short visit...Miss K said she would courier a give a gift for Adam (for his belated B'day). She asked him what do you want? He said I want an aeroplane. She said Ok, I will courier an aeroplane for you.
The we coaxed him that we would go to Tesco and shop. Ok-lah he loves going to Tesco and then we said good bye. Yeah, feel sad too.
This is not good bye though...
We will meet again. Thanks Miss K.

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