Monday, September 24, 2012

Been there done that

I know this situation would happen to me did & happened today.
Ruined my mood all day.
Today i feel a bit down, thinking lots of things. After dropped Adam at kindy, i decided to fill up gas at nearby Petronas. As always, Adel is with me.
At Petronas, i just took my card out and jumped out quickly to fill gasoline into that big tank. My hubby should do this. He's the one with the full time job. I'm just the working housewife...(tapi nampak macam taknak isi minyak jer sebab keter ni i yang guna). Takpelah, i isi. Just rm70. When I wanted to open the door, guess what...guess lah....the door was locked! Adel locked it from inside...I asked her to unlock...she just giggled. She thought I was playing with her!..really stressed me out! Thanks Allah, I switched on aircond and it was raining...and we were at shaded area. What should i  do? Quickly, i ran inside Petronas and dialed my hubby.
Actually i do have spare key but it was inside my wallet and it was inside the car. I just took my credit card outside.

It happened before, but i had my spare key back then because i brought my wallet.
Normally Adam was together with adik, he knows how to unlock the car.
I always remind myself to always bring the fat wallet with me but today...i forgot.

I did not wear my wrist watch today so i didn't realized how long did i wait for my hubby to arrive.
He was at work some 15km away and he had to take the other spare key at home first...
I felt like waiting for so an hour. Passers by started to ask and peek inside and make my todd panic and started to cry...luckily this pakcik who worked at petronas said to passers by that this child could panic so please back off.

Depend on the situation, i won't break the car's window. Since there's aircond inside so i'm not worry of her suffocating of heat. If no aircond i won't hesitate-lah! Well it's not easy to break my car glass window. This is not viva or myvi, the glass is thief would hurt my child inside and traumatized her instead.

At last my hubby arrived with the spare key and off we go. At home, i checked the clock and it was just 9.05 am. So, I just waited there for about 15-20 minutes. She was ok and didn't realized what had just happened...
After this, whenever i'm filling up the tank, i will wind down the window ok. If Adam is around, it's ok to leave the window up.
I don't know whether it is wise to show her how to unlock the car... 

What would you do?
Would you bring your child or baby out when filling up the tank? or while walking your other child to school? or while buying cucur beside the road?

For me, as along as i can see them, i feel ok and safe to leave them for a while. I will lock the car from outside ( i use my spare key to lock it while the engine still running and aircond is on).
I will never leave them in a car when i have to do courier stuff at posLaju office or pos mini, or kedai runcit or at 7-eleven. I will bring them together with me. Let them run in the post office like crazy. Let the others make 'face' with their mischievous behavior...
Whenever i have to go out buying cucur, i always lock the car with them inside watching video...(less than 5 mins and i can see them)'s not possible to bring the running toddlers beside a busy road or deep 'longkang'/drain. I would never asked my child to do errand for me. Be extra cautious when dropping your child at school...a lot of very bad people there waiting for you to leave the car unlock (with baby inside).
Still this thing happened to me because i am just human. So, moms with no help, please be careful. For us, it is normal to leave our child inside the car. For others...this is a bad thing. We have a lot of things in our mind. We have to do a lot of errands...Ustaz Azhar Idrus said 'perempuan ni pendek akal'. So hubbies, please help your wives because we are 'pendek akal' and still, we have to do everything in marriage.
This year we heard news about mom forgot their child in the car and left them in a scorching heat and sadly the child died of heat stroke. It could happen to anyone and just pray that it won't happen to me and my family members. Can you imagine how to move on after such tragedy..the guilt?

Remember, things happen for a reason. Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya.

It's easy to blame the moms...those with the same situation will understand.

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