Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kedai OH Kedai...

I am surfing for kedai sewa in Kulim...for a hundred times already. NO far NO LUCK
My mara shop now is at first floor, doing biz like mine, first floor really troublesome lor.
Whenever i ordered stock, those guys doesn't want to go upstairs so me myself my skinny skinny me have to lift the bulky bulky boxes to my shop. As I am getting older this activity really take a toll on me!
One more thing is me myself my skinny skinny me have to bring all those bulky bulky packages down (pulak!) to ship out....AIYOH!!!!!

Shop lot rental is really expensive...
Fist floor =  RM700 pm - RM1500 !!!
Ground Floor? RM 2000 pm - RM3500. Some RM4000 per MONTH.
Can you imagine how high the rental fees here in Kulim? This is Kulim only, not Lembah Klang taw.
Biz bagus sangat ke? Mampu ke nak bayaq tu?
Me? sorry i cannot afford it. No wonder shoplots here open then closed only after a few months. If no customer coming. Gulung tikar lah. If we seen a shop open with no customers for quite some time, we suspect that the owner might involve in money laundering...ha ha ha (just kidding).
Honestly, biz is hard.

Kedai Majlis perbandaran? Dah beribu kali tepon, ada sekali pi jumpak officer. Tak pernah kosong. Ada la tapi duk tingkat satu ke dua ke jugak. Baik tak yah buka kedai kalau duk tingkat satu. Dah tu, kat bahagian belakang pulak...(jenuh). Tapi kalau round Kulim, berlambak rumah kedai jadi sarang burung layang-layang. What a waste of space...

As for now, I just have to be patient. Pray, eat...LOVE. PEACE!

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