Friday, November 2, 2012

Adam's first Drawing class

Today is his first drawing class.
School holiday is due next week so at least he has something he's up to every Friday.
It is norm...all of the students are Chinese...let's him mix with other Malaysians. Hope he can do it!
The teacher is very young and I think she's ok. I don't know let's see.
The fees are very cheap only RM30/month for 8 hour classes.
There they will do crafts and learn how to draw and paint. I hope the class is fun.

Well, i don't mind if my son has learning difficulties but i really want him to be the best in his art class.
The best and most beautiful drawing in kindies, in primary school and secondary school. Just like mommy in her early days and i never went to any drawing class.

Anyway i hope he loves the class.

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