Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crochet too much...

I decided to pause crocheting for a while...I still have one order for my friend but since the baby is still inside her tummy so what's the rush?
My hubby said i crochet too much it might ruin my eyes...
Thinking about it...maybe because i crochet everywhere...even while waiting for Adam's eye examination the other day.
Did I crochet too much? maybe because i let the unfold clothes sat in the basket for quite sometimes and just dug the pile of clothes looking for things to wear.
Just that...I still wash laundry, cook, sweep, manage my children as always... :))
But i did put aside my shop's 'need to do stuff' aside.... ha! Yes, again new products coming and there are lots of stuff to do. So, i paused my crochet activity until i finished the 'undone'. Focus on 'more money' than 'less money'.

So, i manage to set up Deepavali Sale for the shop...advertise the promotion.
I started to key in the invoices, Paypal first. I just realized how much they charges. Since their operation changed from US to Singapore...they're charging the fee a lot now. Really stressed me out thinking about that. I have no choice because other payment gateway are charging quite the same plus charging the set up for RM400++. At least Paypal is free set up but they will charge for every transaction now and even charge for 'send money''s like double charged... :'(
However, the charges can be included in the balance sheet later on.
I accounting today. I want to finish the book in a week.
For the past years..i did my balance sheet, cash flow and income statement --- really 'cincai'. A lot of mistakes...So for 2012, I will do it seriously and using free accounting program downloaded from Cnet...but the accounting terms really confused me...that's why i have to study the book which i bought last year but just use it as 'house decor'.

and...i managed to make some stepping stones. If the outcome is good, i will 'story' about that.
After everything is DONE. My next mission is; make 50pairs of baby booties! GTG.

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