Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sadly enough it's true

Even though i am the main care taker for my kids, i rarely spend quality time with them.
Apart fro my biz, at home i will always busy in front of computers (work or surf or youtube) or doing household chores.
Okaylah I can say that i do spend tiny time with the little one Adel in the morning during Brillkids time. That's it. Adam...sadly - none. I do realize it I do! Since I am the one whose running the house, my time kind of gone...suddenly it's bed time and before bed of course 5 mins quality time - story telling. That's all. Thinking about it i feel sad.
Even though i am with them all the time i still miss the 'moment'.
Sometimes i wish for a domestic helper to help me out in chores. For me chores really waste my time. Sucks big time.
For example today, i want to do some spring cleaning... stuff i need i keep, stuff that make mess i'll donate/dump. No time for kids.
Since i realized this situation, today...i did spend a little bit of my time with them... :)
Hope i can maintain the consistency. It's difficult also, to do quality time because; when you are ready, they aren't...they want to play. When they are bored and need my attention, i am busy doing chores/stuff.
So..i don't wanna target so high, for 3 year old, only pre-writing activities in morning (after Brillkids) and coloring OR counting in the evening. (5-10 minutes each)

Adam---> morning he'll be gone to Qiraati until 11am. After that must do 1 worksheet (at least) everyday (5 minutes each session).
I also plan to play the educational app in the tablet together with them. That's all. Hope I can do this...seems easy right? but for me this is hard work.

Adam's activity today

Adel's activity today

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