Friday, November 16, 2012

Should i?

Well, today is the third drawing class...
I am feeling uneasy or over-thinking, when my son told me that 'abang tampaq perut'..
I asked him 'dia tampaq ke tumbuk?' he said 'dia tampaq'
me: 'sakit ke'
him: 'tak pun'
me: ' Adam main ke gaduh dengan abang?'
him: ' main...'

Betulke budak ni main? There are older children at the class...

me: 'cikgu marah abang tak?'
him: 'tak..'

Ish...really gotta call Taekwondo class after this.
Actually i've been thinking about him learning Taekwondo quit a while but my hubby really against it because he's worry that my son would hurt someone else's kids.
Me, i just want him to defend himself in this cruel world. Being in standard 1 next-next year could be scary because there's a lot of school bullies...
Gotta call that teakwondo instructor!

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