Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday & Sembelit

Last Saturday was Lina 3rd B'day since it was weekend we celebrated it on the day itself. Not like years before we always put it on hold and celebrated the birthdays on weekends... It was fun, i felt quite bored to do it at home...did bought all the home decors for birthdays the banners and buntings. Last minutes, asked hubby about garden birthday he said ok so i baked the cake and decorated it as nicely. The weather was very beautiful and we went to khtp park ...the park located at Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial area. The park still looking good...just the same as 5 years ago since i visited the park to exercise...back then i was still young and love to jog and had no kids.. bla-bla-blah

My Lina...has this constipation problem lately and becoming worse...she was having that constipation on her birthday. She used her energy to poop after that felt asleep for hours. I thought we never make it to the park.
My heart broke.. every time seeing her in pain.

Don't give suggestion like yogurt apple...even fiber drink...nothing works (she hates apple). Worst part is my hubby...i hate it when he's messing with my duty...leave this on me...i know what to do.
He asked me to change her diet...easy to say. Then, he wanted to see doctor about this...what doc can do? Give us FORLAX? Or insert 'that' solution into her butt? We can do that ourselves...she became traumatic about that butt thing. I hate that thing. Simple short term solution.
The problem is she doesn't like having food so much...just drinking milk, that's the main problem.
I did cut the milk intake maybe not enough.
Fiber? What fiber??? She loves corn though, i will add corn in her diet. She hate anything green and cannot count on her to eat stuff. Sometimes she will eat sometimes she won't even taste the food.
Prune? How in the hell i would make her takes prune? I hate prune too...
How ever, i will look for flax seeds tomorrow and make flax water and asked her to drink h2o more and see improvements if any. Yeah, i searched the net for flax seed in Malay it turns out to be 'biji flax'...duh?

Anyway, happy Third Birthday to my Lina! Mama loves you!

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