Friday, March 23, 2012

The best therapy....

The best therapy is...retail therapy. Not buying groceries, but shop for clothes. Wow, it has been a long long long time ago since I shop for myself. I always shop for my kids clothes...but myself? 
Asked my dear friend here in Kulim, kak Nori to shop with me...don't bring your spouse to shop. They will bug you and show that boring face so that you hustle. Unless you are a couple (not married) then your boyfriend will wiggle like a puppy and follow wherever you go...especially to lingerie dept. Once married, everything is over.

I used the cash voucher my hubby lot's of money!!! Bought lots lots of undergarments, some baju and some Jusco Perda, there are sales...up to 70%. Got to have 'digging' skills to dig up the offer baskets... I am in happy mood today. Hope can do that again sometime.

Earlier, I just washed whole load of laundry, loads of Cds... postponed all my cat grooming sessions to next week, no shipping today...and printed Adelina's birthday pictures when we celebrated her B'day last year. Wow, she is growing up fast....
Adelina's 1st B'day

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