Friday, March 16, 2012

Groceries Shopping?

Hmmm...I hate this activity. Involve quite a lot of money. Need to do every week/fortnight.... never ends. Its Kind of chores...
I got a coupon from my hubby. Value RM150.00. Enuff for small of groceries trip. So, we went to Giant...(the coupon is for used in Giant stores only). I didn't know what I bought, total: RM152.30. Just a bathroom mat, office supplies, kids toys, ready made apom, ready made roti paratha, peanut butter, eggs, bread...that's all. No chicken/meat/prawn... I have to make another trip for barang basah in Tesco. I love Tesco's freshness and lower price.
I wonder how the lower income groups survive? 
Recently a 5 year old girl has been murdered and burnt somewhere in Johor. The mom asked the 5 year old to buy noodles and eggs at their residential area. The girl failed to return and found dead days later. She was sobbing like crazy. I donno, I think the mom doesn't do her job as a mom. What was she thinking? They live in a flat area. Flat is some kind of slump area. I think she always asked her daughter to do stuff for her. Things like this won't just happen. It happens with a chain of events. Some body might track the poor girl and just wait for the right time to act... the suspect includes the dad. The mom somehow has a new hubby who is unemployed. That's why I wonder how on earth they can survive in this economy? So, there must be some kind of untold story and more complicated...
We often heard news of missing girls then found raped and murdered. There are monsters out there. However the mother (the one who responsible for at that time), just took thing for granted and let the girls out pasar malam, play ground in front of the house, biking alone to buy stuff... Then bad things happened, you cried in front of camera and begging for their returns. When they are found murdered, you said it is fate... Even though we cannot change the TOD, we can change the COD and the story line. 
Happy weekend. 

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